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Staff Applications

We don't have many spots open for Staff, but if we see a really good application then we will make a spot for that applicant. You may only apply once a month, and be sure to elaborate in your application your skills/accomplishments. Java/Web Coders will get first in line and with those skills Staff Starting ranks are Moderator instead of Helper. MUST BE 16 TO APPLY



We are always searching for plugin developers. If you know how to code java and are interested in applying for a developer position please contact the Administration.


Web Developers

If you're a website developer and would be interested in applying for a developer position please contact the Administration.



Our current playerbase is tracking over 250 unique players!



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Future Servers

Here at ARCTIS we're very ambitious. After we grow our community we want to provide more than just an RPG Survival server to our playerbase.

Meet the Staff

Think you can see yourself here one day? It takes experience and skill to make it on the team.

White has been the original Owner of the server for several years. Experienced in web development and plugin configuration WhitePrivilage can do it all.

- WhitePrivilage Owner

Gine has been a long time Staff member of the server dating back to 2015. He is very talented in plugin management and upkeep of the server. There's not much this man can't do. Engineous_ is truly the face of Arctis.

- Engineous_ Administrator

Authoritative is very talented in developing and resolving issues within the servers configuration. He is a long time member of our server and he has become a vital member of the staff team.

- Authoritative Developer